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Amazing ideas for your custom-built home

If you are going to go through the expense and stress of having a home built, you might as well get the dream home you really want. Working with an Ottawa builder specializing in customization is one way to avoid the standard floor plans.  

When you speak with your custom home builder in Ottawa, you will find many choices on materials, room sizes and configurations and more. Here are some ideas you may not have thought of but you can discuss with the professionals.

Ideas for your custom home in Ottawa

Hidden room

Not just for mystery novels, a hidden room or secret access is fun for children or adults. It can be a swinging bookshelf or a sliding panel in a closet. It can lead to a man cave, media room, play area, or whatever you want.

Using under-stair space

No matter how well you plan, it seems there is never enough space for storage. An area that is frequently overlooked is the space beneath a staircase. Adding some shelving and lighting, you have an excellent space for seasonal decorations or a place to stash toys quickly.


There can be several places to incorporate a small area for reading or thinking. That can be in a child’s room, the master suite, or even the kitchen. It can be used for homework or an intimate chat.


The entry area from a garage, patio, or garden is natural for jackets, boots, muddy shoes, and backpacks. With some hooks on the wall and cubby holes, a little planning will go a long way to keep your main area tidy.


Planning the laundry area takes more work than you think. Although you want it out of the way, it would be nice to eliminate those basement steps carrying a basket or arms full of clothes on hangers. Placing the laundry area near bedrooms is a real boon.  

Master Suite

Upgrades to the shower, tub, Jacuzzi, and floors can be money well spent. A free-standing tub, rain shower, and heated floors will turn your ordinary bathroom into a private spa.

Basement Bar or Kitchen

As you draw the plans for your home, plan for amenities for later. One of the best ideas is to stub in plumbing for a small bathroom in the basement area. Since you are working on the plumbing, plan for a bar or kitchenette with sink and appliance hookups. Later you can finish the area for entertaining or as a bonus space for the child who decides to return to the family home from college or a senior relative that needs companionship.

Highbridge is the best custom home builder in Ottawa

Working with a professional custom home builder in the Ottawa area means you can bounce these and other ideas off them. Additionally, they will have many different concepts that you may want to incorporate. For example, if you are looking to build a small bathroom in the basement, the builder may be able to suggest ideas on how to make the most of your space. This includes adding features like a bar or kitchenette with sink and appliance hookups that can come in handy for future use. If you are reading this, chances are that you are planning a custom-built home. If that is the case, and talk to one of our experts.