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If you have started to think about a renovation or remodelling job, you probably realize that there are a number of companies in the Nepean area that are available.  As you narrow your options, you will realize that HighBridge Construction is one of the top ranked companies in this area. 

Orleans Renovation Company

The Orleans home and business renovation market is filled with very competent companies.  One of them is undoubtedly HighBridge Construction.  We would like to let you know a bit more about us.  We are user friendly with professional design experts who are available to help you make the decisions necessary to give your home or office the best appearance possible.  We work with you every step of the way so that you are aware of what is happening and what is next.  Our teams are skilled and will give you the space you love.  We can redo your kitchen in either the home or business setting, work on bathrooms, or give you a new addition.

Why Work With HighBridge?

Ease of Operation

Our goal is to make the renovation as stress free for the home or business owner as possible.  We begin with a face-to-face meeting to discuss the changes.  Our representative will take accurate measurements and convert them with your comments into a visual presentation of the new area.  This will include all of the fixtures and furniture necessary.  We are true professionals and you deserve the best, which is HighBridge.


We work with engineers and home designers who have the expertise and experience to translate your dreams into reality.  We understand what is necessary to complete the job properly and within all the permits, municipal regulations, and industry standards.  We develop good working relationships with our customers and hope you will become one of our clients as well.  Let us get started today by calling us to set up an appointment.


HighBridge Construction is almost a decade old and started as a handyman service.  Now Pat Violette and Leam Hamilton run a full-service renovation company.  They have the experience and expertise to handle both residential and commercial projects.  HighBridge has developed a reputation for credibility in the work place.  They work closely with each client to produce a result everyone is happy with.


Setting up an estimate for work is a detailed and delicate process.  At HighBridge we start with a meeting with the customers to understand their needs and wishes.  We take lots of measurements and return to the office to develop a visual rendition of the finished product, complete with furnishings.  We also develop a detailed estimate of labor, materials, and products.  We have interior designers and engineers to work with the client to offer suggestions and options.  Call us today for an appointment.


You can use the best materials available, but if the workmanship is not up to par, the job will not be satisfactory.  At HighBridge we work with and employ skilled craftspersons to give you the best possible job.  We have professional designers, experts in renovation, and skilled laborers to develop the best design and execution for your residence or business.


We have the ability to deploy our personnel to best suit your project.  From the initial contact with customer service; with designers; a strong, skilled workforce, and office personnel, we are able to develop and execute the design and construction you have asked for.  We keep up with the latest trends in design and workmanship and the technology to support it.  Our experts will provide blueprints or electronic images to show you what you will gain from working with our company.  If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us.