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Stittsville is a wonderful area to work and live.  HighBridge Construction is committed to helping the area stay that pleasant. 

Stittsville Home and Business Renovation

Stittsville is a wonderful area to work and live.  HighBridge Construction is committed to helping the area stay that pleasant.  We offer renovation and remodelling services to homes and businesses in the area.  We have specialized teams to take care of your needs, from kitchen and bath, or building additions, or a full space renovation.  We are happy to work with you on any sized project and help you with the decisions and experience in any way we are able.  Our goal is satisfied customers, and our reference list reflects that.  If you are interested, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


No renovation project is without pitfalls and tension.  There is inevitable dust and noise.  At HighBridge we make every effort to help you through the process.  We begin with a sit-down meeting where we discuss all the details of your plans.  We take measurements of everything.  Then we render a design plan that will include your needs and function, as well as the aesthetics you desire.  We have proven professionalism and quality and should be the construction consultants you hire.


Deciding on a remodeler can be difficult.  You want the best price, but don’t want to sacrifice quality.  HighBridge has been providing quality renovations in Stittsville for years.  We have the professionals on board to offer the suggestions you are looking for without being overpowering.  We work closely with our clients to give them the finished product they want, within their budget.  We streamline everything possible by our quality professionalism.


We are a professional renovation, remodelling and construction company that has been around for nearly a decade.  Our reputation has been built on the solid foundation of Pat Violette and Leam Hamilton who began a handyman business and turned it into the company you are looking for today.  We have worked hard to maintain the quality and professionalism you have come to expect.  Contact us and see what we can do for you.


Of course, one of the early steps is to obtain an estimate of the cost of your renovation.  We schedule an appointment at your convenience to meet and view the area(s) you want changed.  We take detailed measurements and ask many questions.  We also listen carefully to what you want to happen.  Upon return to our office, we develop a detailed plan that will include an estimate of the price.  We include all elements like labor and materials, as well as any professional design or engineering services necessary for the scope of work.  We also offer a rendition of the space either in blueprints or graphic design.  You won’t find anyone in Stittsville better qualified than HighBridge.

Exceptional Work

You want the best value for your hard-earned money.  We are here to tell you that with HighBridge your Stittsville home or business is important to us as well.  We only use licensed, insured trades and professionals.  We start with a design team to develop a comprehensive plan and then assign the right craftsperson for the job.  Our experience has shown that our clients will return to us time after time for additional projects, both large and small.  We are proud of our reputation for quality and professionalism in both residential and commercial undertakings.  We would be happy to discuss your options in greater detail.  Just contact us when you are ready.

Our Job

Our plan is for HighBridge to give you and your community the best design and execution in kitchen and bath remodels, converting basements into living space, or additions.  We work equally well in the home or business setting.  We have strong commitment to quality and professionalism every step of the operation.  Our office staff is available to discuss our services.  We provide design services as well as workers.  We follow all applicable laws and regulations to be sure your home or business is fully compliant, safe and enjoyable.  We are here to help you!