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Basement Renovations That Boost Your return

When you spend money, you want to have a good return on your investment.  That comes in increased living area, enjoyment of the space, as well as an advantage at resale time.  Current sources estimate that a basement renovation will return a 70% return of the amount of the expense it took to make the changes.

HighBridge construction has found several basement redesigns that will give you a better lifestyle and still give you a return on the money you spend.


While adding bedrooms in the basement can almost immediately increase the home’s value as well as expanding the usable area.  Adding an addition or extension just for bedroom space can become very costly.  However, converting unused basement space is less expensive because the space is already there.  You just need to have it enclosed and finished.

Extra bedrooms are nice for guests or relatives.  They can also be held in reserve for family growth.  If the basement area is sufficiently separate from the main living area, the bedroom can be increased into a suite for rental purposes.  Just be cautious about local building codes and regulations about rental properties.  There must be an egress large enough to accommodate an escape in case of fire or other disaster.  A bedroom must have a doorway, closet and window.


From the sheer inconvenience of having to traipse upstairs every time you need to use the lavatory, a basement bathroom is extremely valuable.  If you are considering any type of remodel in the basement, adding a bathroom facility is critical.

Entertainment area

Lack of natural light in the basement may be a detriment in some cases, but not if you are interested in a media room.  This is the perfect space for a home theater or games room.  Even if the next residents are not especially interested in movies, just the fact that the area is wired for sound, lighting, cable and other connections, will improve the resale of the home.

Open concept

Just because you want to retain the openness of the basement area doesn’t mean it has to be a single use.  Simply designating specific areas as the gym or game area gives you a multi-use room that keeps an open feel.  Even if the area is not overly generous, an open floor plan gives some breathing room.