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Bathroom Renovation

HighBridge Construction is happy to work with you, offering our quality workmanship combined with affordable prices. If you are looking at improving a bathroom, we are able to help you out. Our prices are very reasonable and our timetable will fit with your needs.

We start with design services to plan for your bathroom addition or remodel. If you have already begun the process, we are happy to simply do the installation as you direct. If you do have any questions, however, we stand at the ready to offer our design services to help with layout and functionality.

Household Investment

Resale values for homes with improved bathrooms have proven to greatly increase.  Not only will you enjoy the improved look and function of a remodelled bath, but will realize an advantage when you decide to relocate. 

The labor of plumbing and electrical are standard prices that you will find from any contractor.  When you get to the fixtures like tubs, showers, tiles and lighting, there can be a great deal of difference depending on the pieces you select. 

Our professionals are adept at replacing an old bath with a new shower or adding a Jacuzzi.  You will have the opportunity to select from a wide range of accessories like shower doors, faucets, etc. 

You may hear discussions about full bathroom renovation or construction of additional bathrooms or powder rooms.  We are able to explain all the nuances of the technical jargon so that you know exactly what you are getting. Our experts can help you have the bathroom renovation in Ottawa or other home improvement projects that you want.