Bathroom Renovation

After the kitchen, bathroom remodels will give you one of the best returns on your investment.  Everyone needs to use the bathroom and it is something that can be easily updated.  When you are considering this, realize how much water is used in that room.  If you are planning to improve the appearance, replace its functions with an eye to conserving resources and reducing your utility expense.

Dual flush toilet

Older toilets use gallons of water with each flush.  That increases your utility cost and can be wasteful.  Modern toilets are designed with a conservation of water in mind.  A dual flush toilet allows you to control the amount of water dispensed in two separate options.

Low-flow Showers

If you like a nice long shower to wash away the day’s stress, consider converting to a low-flow shower head.  It decreases the amount of water used and the energy needed to heat the water.  A double savings.


Installing skylights will give a bathroom much more natural light, saving on electrical costs.  When you do install lighting fixtures, try compact fluorescent lamps or LEDs, which consume considerably less energy.  Both the skylight and new fixtures will give you powder room a fresh look.

Sustainable Flooring

It is no longer necessary to use vinyl flooring in the bathroom.  There are other options like reclaimed hardwood, concrete and linoleum.  There are even more options with cork, bamboo, or rubber.  Check out your choices by contacting our office.


It is just as easy to use eco-friendly cabinetry in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.  Using recycled wood or even steel reduces the carbon footprint.

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