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bathroom types

You may think that a bathroom is pretty standard.  Actually there are a number of designs, each of which has its own pluses and minuses. 

Here are some examples:

Master Bath

Just as it implies, it is an area for relaxing in a good soak.  It is usually spacious and connects to the master bedroom.  It has some elements of luxury and richness like beach glass tile. These are found in most urban homes and are gaining in popularity.

Contemporary Master Bath

If you love the spa life, a contemporary master bath is for you.  Its features include lots of glass tiles, dark wood, and stone counters.  You pick the colors and our designers work out the details.  We will work with you to include everything possible in your contemporary setting.  We offer suggestions about details and are happy to work within your parameters.

Full Bath

This is a high-traffic room for most of the family.  It includes a tub, shower, sink(s) and storage.  Choosing the best color is your job.  We try to accommodate your taste and style and give you the room the family can easily function in and still be admired by your guests.

Three-Quarter Bath

This is a smaller space but still has a toilet, sink and shower.  Usually we like to incorporate a glass shower door to give a roomier appearance.