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Bathtub To Shower Conversions

If you are one of those people who rarely use the tub and prefer showers, consider having your bath area converted into a shower stall. 

Bathroom renovations have been found to generate one of the highest returns on the investment in resale value.  HighBridge is willing to work within your budget constraints to give you the luxurious bathroom you want.

Reasons to convert from tub to shower

Safety – Getting into and out of a tub can be difficult.  There is always a chance of slipping and falling.  For people with mobility issues, this is particularly true.  Bathroom renovations can make the area safer and still comfortable.

Simple preference – Some people have a preference for a stand up shower over a soak in a tub.  Tub-less bathrooms are certainly trendy.

Amenities – Modern showers come with many features like built-in caddies for soap and shampoo.  Most have seats and sturdy handles to avoid falls.  There are efficient water-saving shower heads to help with the cost of water.

Bathroom Renovation Process:

Working with HighBridge Construction is easy.  We will have one of our professionals come to your home and review the existing bathtub area.  We will be able to determine the feasibility of a bath to shower conversion.  If it is viable, we will offer you a quote.  Once you decide to use our services, we will move forward. 

We start with the area for the installation.  We inspect it to be sure the new shower will work correctly.  We make any necessary repairs or adjustments.  Then we prep the area to receive the new shower and its fixtures.  Most shower remodels can be completed in a single day.

After the conversion, our bathroom renovation expert will clean up the work area and remove the old tub.  You will be ready to enjoy your new facilities.