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Are children moving out? Check these remodel ideas for extra bedrooms

Your last child has moved out, and you are confident that they will not return for permanent residence. You now have an entire room, and you have decided to re-purpose it. There are many options for home improvement in Ottawa that you can do to improve the space.

Change the decor.

The easiest swap is to simply change the décor into something comfy but neutral and use the room for overnight guests. Your child still has a place to stay while visiting, but you can accommodate others as well. Depending on the size of the room and the structure of the house, you might think about enlarging the room and adding an en suite. This type of bonus room is popular when it comes time for resale.

If you would prefer, that new suite can be an Airbnb as easily as the spare room for Aunt Martha when she comes to town.

Improve the space for Aging-in

As an ageing population, there are some senior-friendly changes that can be made:

  • Create a walk-in shower with handrails and seating. Add a first (or main) floor bathroom that has easy access. Besides, it is nice to have extra porcelain convenience when entertaining.
  • Convert exterior steps to a ramp.
  • Add lighting. Closets and hallways are notoriously dark and pose tripping hazards.

Create a home office.

With remote working opportunities, the obvious choice is a home office. Even if you don’t want to work anymore, it can be used for keeping a journal or surfing the internet undisturbed. It can be as simple as moving or removing a bed and adding a desk.

Turn it into a space for your hobbies.

Hobby rooms are always a good choice. Add some personal training equipment, and you have a multi-purpose room. If you have always wanted to take up painting, rent some Bob Ross videos and start in. Creativity can also find its way into your home by adding a keyboard or space to practice your guitar.

If you love gardening, use the room to start your seedlings. Just some good light and enough space to start your pots, and you are ready. It can also act as storage for the summer-only plants.

Make an entertainment room.

It can be a mini den with a place for reading or watching television, or even some gaming tables or a place for a jigsaw puzzle in progress. A small area for a bar and an apartment-sized refrigerator will make it fun for the afternoon cocktail. Add a coffee pot and some mugs, and you can have your morning cup of java undisturbed.

Highbridge can help you with your extra room remodel.

If you want to turn an extra room into something else, count on Highbridge Construction to make that happen. We will work with you from the start to finish to make sure that you are happy with the final product. Highbridge can help you turn your extra room into something special.