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Common Renovations In A New Home

You have finally decided on the house into which you intend to move.  It is not ideal but it is certainly close.  The next step is to make the house into your home. 

Depending on your budget and the condition of the house, there are a number of complete house renovations in Ottawa that you can make to personalize it and make it better for your needs.

Painting – Painting is one of the most cost effective changes possible.  Changing the color of the walls is simple for most people and can be done without the help of a professional.  After filling in any cracks or holes and sanding the area, pick up a roller and brush and move ahead.  You might also consider using wallpaper, which is a little more tricky, or a combination of paint and paper.

Carpets and Flooring – Odors and dirt can hide in carpeting.  The space will feel fresher with a replacement carpet.  When removing the old rugs you may find hardwood floors underneath.  This is a benefit that should not be turned down.  Some sanding will bring back a lovely finish.  You could also opt for new wood flooring or laminate.

Landscaping – Curb appeal and neighborhood décor is always appreciated.  After trimming shrubs and adding some annuals to the flower bed, you might take a look at the paving and stairs.  The patio may need a bit of an upgrade, or adding a deck will give you more lounging and entertainment areas.

Kitchen – By simply painting the walls, adding a new backsplash, or new hardware on the cabinetry, you will have simply and economically changed the kitchen into your own.  This in itself can mean you won’t need a full remodel for several years.

Most homes are not move-in ready and you will need to take care of these few items at least.  If you are not handy around the house or simply don’t have the time to devote to it, just contact HighBridge Construction.  We will be happy to listen to your ideas and to give you an estimate of these quick fixes.