Ottawa Foundation Repair

A solid foundation is the basis for a solid home.  If you have noticed foundation cracks, spots, or discoloration, it would probably be a good idea to have a professional foundation inspector to take a look at the area to detect if any foundation repair is necessary.

Foundation Repair in Ottawa

At HighBridge Construction we have a team of waterproofing experts.  They are able to review the foundation around the house and report any problems.  Our licensed experts are able to identify any issues and offer foundation repair solutions.  Please call us for a free inspection and estimate for any foundation repair that may be necessary.

There are a number of things to be on the alert for:

Common foundation problems that require repair

  • Outside foundation cracks.  These can only grow and develop leaks.
  • Moisture.  An odd smell or visible signs of mildew or mold are sure signs of a breach in the waterproof membrane. 
  • Crumbling.  Concrete that has started to crumble will eventually give way under pressure. 
  • Interior cracks.  If you notice cracks in the sheetrock or drywall, it could mean a larger problem.  The foundation regularly contracts and expands with temperatures or shifting backfill.  Once moisture finds a way to the interior, it does not stop.
  • Water stains.  If you have noticed water stains either by the baseboards, or near the ceiling, there could be a problem between the basement footings and foundation wall, or between the foundation and basement wall.  In either event, this needs to be corrected quickly.
  • Basement floor.  If you see some change in the slope or level of the basement floor, like a dip where there wasn’t one before, this indicates a serious problem with the slab, walls and footings.

These are things that a foundation repair expert can detect and solve to keep your home solid