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Masonry Services

Masonry is a specific skill that works with brick.  It is used in retaining walls, veneers, tuckpointing and repairs.  We accept jobs of all sizes.

We do:

Repair and Replacement

Our reputation for brick repairs and replacements is superior.  We work with many of the area homes that have been damaged through years of Canadian winters. 


If you notice the mortar between bricks and stone starting to wear badly or actually crumbling, then it is time to have them repaired through tuckpointing. 

Chimneys and Fireplaces

We are experts at tuckpointing both chimneys and fireplaces.  This is serious business that can cause much damage if not addressed on a regular basis.  Check your home now.

Concrete Repair

Many porches and steps start to suffer from their age, weather or constant use.  If you have concrete steps that are starting to crack, or the mortar looks questionable, contact us for a free estimate.


While it is a decorative process, parging will cover the exterior of your foundation for a more desirable curb appeal, while actually sealing the exterior to better protect the underlaying. 

Windows and Doors

If you need more light, additional windows are great for natural sunlight to come into your home or business.  Perhaps your doorway needs to be enlarged or replaced, or eliminated completely.  We are happy to help you with the changes you want.


Fireplaces are one of those things that you need a professional to evaluate and repair.  Neglecting repairs can be disastrous.  If you have noticed any decay, we are happy to complete appropriate repairs or replacements including spalling bricks, tuckpointing, or complete rebuilds.

Brick Veneers

We always recommend a waterproofing of the area before application of a brick veneer on either interior or exterior walls.  We have the capability to complete both of these tasks to your satisfaction. 

Retaining Walls

To prevent soil from eroding, a retaining wall is the perfect solution.  We are able to complete the construction within your budget and to your satisfaction.