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Creating An Open Concept Floor Plan

If you really enjoy your current neighborhood and generally like your home, but wish it were a bit less cramped, then you may want to consider a renovation that includes an open concept layout.  The most common method to accomplish this is to remove the wall between your kitchen and living or great room.


Traffic flow – An open concept will definitely increase a better traffic flow between the living area and the kitchen.  You will feel less segregated or disjointed.  It is good for gatherings and conversations.

Light – It should increase the natural light in both the kitchen and living areas.

More personal contact – It simply makes conversations easier.  You can keep tabs on the children while preparing dinner or watch your favorite program on the television in the other room.  It is a nice atmosphere for bonding and entertaining.

Increased value – Open concepts are modern and will probably be considered more valuable by realtors and prospective buyers.  That means a quicker sale at a higher price.


Noise – The noise will definitely increase.  Sound will easily travel from one space to the other.  There can also be more echoing of the sound from voices, music or television. 

HVAC expense – It will probably cost more to heat and cool since there will be fewer walls to contain the air.  It might be necessary to retrofit air ducts.

If you are set on an open concept for your renovation, it is important to be aware of all the benefits and pitfalls.  If you work with us at HighBridge, you will have the benefit of our expertise and experience.