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Do i need an architect?

Unless you work in the business, sometimes knowing which professionals should be called in on a job can be confusing. 

Restrictions of OAA

The OAA is firm in its policies on how their members may offer their services.  An OAA member is not allowed to practice in any firm that is not owned and operated by a licensed architectural firm.  They are also strict about how the services are sold to the public.

This all makes sense, but for homeowners who need a reasonable, cost-effective solution to a renovation, the OAA has made it a difficult choice.  In order to provide a finished product that falls within your financial guidelines but still gives you the result you need, including the workmanship and warranties, a construction company can facilitate any architectural requirements that may occur.  

It's All About BCIN

Designing houses and apply for building permits for home renovations, Ontario requires that the person is either a licensed architect, professional engineer with a certificate of authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), or an accredited house designer by the Province with a Building Code Identification Number (BCIN). 

The accreditation is awarded when a person has successfully completed a course of study and passed all the exams dealing with design, law, and building technologies that affect single-family homes. 

BCIN designers can be trained through a community college program, or through a university degree.  For those who prefer residential design and renovation, the BCIN designation is a practical alternative to an OAA.

Specialists in their Field

If you are in the market for a firm that will guide you through the remodel process from the beginning to the end, a solid warranty, and good communication through the project, then you may want to consider a design-build firm, rather than an architect.  Using a BCIN house designer that incorporates engineering, design and finish experts and good leadership may be the better option for you. 

At HighBridge Construction, we use professionals who are specialists in their areas of expertise.  They are educated, accredited, and trained to give you the best possible result.  We are insured and experienced in single-family home design and renovations.