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Why Design Build?

Older homes frequently need a bit more attention.  If you feel that your residence could be more relaxing, practical, or striking, we are here to help

Design Build

In restoring or renovating an older home, the first step is to locate both an architect as well as a designer.  These are expensive occupations for the home owner.  They will develop the plans but will not be able to offer estimates of the construction costs because that is not their field.  They are the big picture people. 

Next you will need to locate contractors in the area who are familiar with older homes and the dilemmas and glitches that may occur.  If they are not experienced in this type of remodel, it can cost you more in the long run and you may or may not get the final product you need and want. 

Our concept of Design Build is founded on the following:


You will work with a single company from the inception of the project to cutting the ribbon.  You will become familiar with the lead person who will coordinate all the professionals and workers and keep you fully advised as things progress. 

We use a cloud-based construction management software.  We have found this results in better communication among all the parties and a more efficient operation.


A design build creates a team.  You won’t need to worry about one type of contractor becoming at odds with another or conflicts in scheduling.  Through mutual cooperation each skill set will collaborate and share pertinent information.  They share a common goal of presenting you with the best final product possible. 


The budget is one of the most critical elements of a remodel.  Our firm has over 30 years’ experience in the field and in Ottawa.  We are able to work within your financial directives and give you the best value for your money.  Our goal is to create the improvements that will render the greatest benefit while remaining within your price range.


Because our system is more efficient, our projects generally are completed within or earlier than the estimated timeframe.  Because we are a single firm, we know the contractors’ availability and schedule in order to provide a sufficient lead time to meet your start date.  As the work progresses we are able to maintain scheduling and offer an orderly project.

Despite the best planning, questions or issues arise during the project.  Using our in-house team means a quick response, rather than re-calling the architect or designer and waiting on a return message.  Our engineers carefully monitor the workmanship and maintain good working relations with City inspectors.


Single Purpose

Design build means we specialize in this service.  We are not interested in selling real estate or flipping houses.  Our goal is to work with Ottawa families to employ our systems and processes and make an older home renovation a real possibility.  Our professionals are consistent in their quality. 

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Why Design Build?

In restoring or renovating an older home, the first step is to locate both an architect as well as a designer.  These are expensive occupations…..

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