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Our goals help us keep you our top priority.

Which renovations add the most value?

Much depends on the area you live in, the general condition of your home and the amenities in the surrounding houses.  Generally a 50% return on kitchen and bath remodels is expected.  It is estimated that converting a three-bedroom to a four-bedroom home will double the investment.  For example, after investing $5,000 in a kitchen remodel, you should expect a $10,000 increase in the value of the home.  Before you start a major renovation, determine all the costs including materials, labor and fixtures. 

How much should I expect to pay?

That depends on the work.  Simply adding a wall is very different from creating an entirely new bathroom.  It also depends on the professionals needed, like structural engineers.  Simple remodels or modifications to existing rooms are the least expensive.  If you contact us, we will give you some ideas about price ranges, but will not confirm pricing until we have assessed your home and the changes you need to make and then we can give you an accurate estimate.

Do I need permits?

Changes to plumbing, electrical, drainage and other issues probably will require a permit from your municipality.  Many of these may only need an inspection by a local authority.  Check with your contractor to be sure.

Can I change the plans in the middle of the renovation?

Generally, yes, but there are some exceptions.  During the remodel we will give you the timelines for your decisions.  If you keep to the timeline or ahead of it, this means your project will run on schedule.  If not, the completion date will probably be delayed.  The amount of the delay depends upon whether or not it affects other trades.  

Another factor is the order time it takes for the manufacturer or retailer to provide the products or appliances you want.  If you have made a selection and then change your mind, it can delay that order.  If that change has become a special order, then the time stretches out even further.  There can also be restocking fees for products already purchased. 

Any change orders will be documented and signed by both parties so we all know where things stand.

Can I help with the renovation?

You hired a contractor for it to assume all the responsibilities of the work and workmanship.  Having the homeowner complete some of the work can have an affect on the liability and insurance issues.  We have longstanding relationships with many of the trades in our area and are confident in their skills and products.