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Hiring A Contractor

As things progress, you will start making appointments to speak with renovators and construction companies.  You should evaluate not only their ideas but the representatives themselves.

Hiring A Contractor

Presentation – Did he or she come prepared?  Were they on time?  Did they listen to your ideas or try to steer you to what they wanted?  If they offered to follow up, did they?  Were they too persistent to the point of annoyance?  Did they treat you and your home with respect?


Communication – This is so much a part of business today.  You need to be comfortable with the manner that the renovator discusses issues with you.  You should be able to understand what is being said.  If too much jargon is used, you should ask to slow down and explain things in simpler terms or more detail.  The end result is that you should be comfortable with your renovator.


Skills and Experience – Renovation can be more complex than building a new home from scratch.  It takes years of experience and professionals to understand all of the different elements that go into a renovation, especially in an older home.  Even if you are only changing a few things, be sure the contractor has specific experience in that type of project.


Reputation – Each prospective renovator should offer a list of references and previous projects.  You can also ask what suppliers they work with and inquire of them how your renovator appears in their eyes.

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