Identifying Foundation Issues

If you think you have a problem with your foundation, don’t delay.  If you don’t act quickly you risk basement damage and additional structural integrity of the entire house. 

Damage can come from a number of causes like drainage, climate changes, cracked or broken pipes, change in soil compaction, and others. 


If you are noticing cracks in the foundation exterior, or some cracking the walls, ceiling or chimney, the ground could be shifting.  After winter freezing and moisture and warming, soil can change its shape.  Small, hairline cracks are pretty normal.  If you see larger gaps or horizontal cracks especially in the concrete basement wall, call us without delay.

Foundation sinking

Soil can compact over time.  When that happens, foundation experts may need to work on the foundation piers.  Even the smallest tilt can be a sign of future damage.

Windows and Doors

If your windows and/or doors are suddenly not opening or closing properly, or you see more gaps around the frame, there could be an issue.  If your house is becoming misaligned, it affects how the doors and windows work. 

Countertops Pulling Away

If your counters seem to be pulling away from the wall, this could also signal a larger issue.  A few millimetres is not considered a problem but if it continues to grow, you should have it checked.  Another sign is walls and floors seeming to have gone out of level. 


If you are unsure if you are experiencing problems, don’t hesitate to contact us.  At HighBridge we are happy to arrange for our experts to come to see your home and make recommendations.  Foundation problems will not improve, they will only get worse.  So, we recommend that you take care of these issues as soon as possible.