IKEA Kitchen Design and Installation

When you start to consider changing out cabinets in your kitchen, purchasing pre-built models is a good idea.  One great place to start is at IKEA.  If you like what you saw but have trepidation about installing them yourself, just contact us at HighBridge.  We will do the heavy lifting and drilling and you will be left with wonderful cabinetry.

At HighBridge we are happy to combine our design and kitchen remodels with IKEA products.  Here are some of the more common questions we hear.

Will they help me design my kitchen?

Of course, we are happy to pay you a visit and see your current space and help you redesign something more to your liking.  Unless you would like to, you don’t even need to visit the IKEA store.  We take accurate measurements and work with IKEA and 3D imaging to let you see the finished product before we start.

Do I have to install the cabinets myself?

Yes, IKEA is known for its packaged products that the homeowner assembles.  However, HighBridge is happy to work through the instructions and carefully put all the cabinets together quickly and easily.  If something is amiss, we have the expertise to solve the problem.  You will have a lovely new space with no work.

What about other projects?

There is much more to improving a kitchen than replacing cabinets.  At HighBridge Construction we are a full service provider.  We have a team of qualified professionals who can help you with the variety of things necessary to remodel a kitchen, like plumbing, electrical, tile installation, etc.  You can choose some of our services, or all.  We are willing to help you make your kitchen renovation simple, easy and affordable.

As you work through your ideas and plans for a renovation, contact HighBridge Construction.  We have created lovely kitchens that are practical and stylish and have lasted for years.  We are willing to work with you on your own preferences and will happily offer an estimate for our work.  Contact us today.