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Infill Custom Home Builder in Ottawa

Build an infill custom home, in the old neighborhood you love, with Highbridge Construction.


If you love the city’s old neighborhoods and want to build your dream there, an infill custom home is what you are looking for. Working with a custom home builder in Ottawa who understands the challenges of the process can make the process much easier. Highbridge Construction will help you acquire the land, design and build your dream home within that property.
Custom home builders in Ottawa

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The Process

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Infill custom homes need the supervision of a custom home builder in Ottawa throughout the whole process. Along with all the services we have to offer when building your dream home, Highbridge Construction also considers what comes in contact for you during construction- from permits to legal matters so that everything runs smoothly.


Highbridge Construction takes care of all the requirements while taking on infill custom home projects. We take care of the following areas for our clients:

  • Acquiring vacant land or unused property
  • Demolition and excavation permits for existing building
  • Dealing with the Committee of Adjustments
  • Protecting your neighbor’s homes during construction.
  • Building permits
  • Potential residence for you and your family during the building process

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