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Interior Design Finishings

Starting a renovation means a lot of decisions.  At HighBridge we have access to design specialists who will work with you to discover your personal tastes and styles.  The designer will work with you to choose the best finishes, colors, window dressings, cabinets, etc. 

Things to Consider When Choosing Finishes

Obviously the most deciding factor is basic do you like it or not.  You also need to consider its practicality.  For instance, white carpeting in a home with toddlers may not be the best choice.  Then you need to see how it fits into your budget.


Several factors go into choosing a finish.  One of them is the easy of cleaning and maintaining.  Foot traffic, spillage, scratches and other issues are all part of the process.  If you have a bustling family or entertain extensively, consider how the finish will hold up to use.


You need to keep in mind the overall look you are trying to achieve or any themes you are trying to maintain.  This will include color, texture, and patterns.


Depending on the structure of your family, friends, and extended family members, you may want to keep in mind mobility issues for walking or wheelchairs.  Children and pets sometimes need gating and cordless window blinds to maintain a safe environment.


Customizing is always more expensive than off the shelf.  Different products have different cost bases and grades.  Your designer will be happy to offer practical solutions to help you keep the look you want but remain within the financial constraints of your budge.

Purchasing Finishes for your Home Renovation

Our designers are adept at producing a list of suppliers prioritized by your needs and budget.  They will work with you to set up meetings and appointments to view finishes and accessories.  They will help you in the decision making process.

After you have indicated your options, the designer will draft a separate contract and list the prices and exact descriptions.  A payment schedule will be established and invoices issued as appropriate.  Our designer will track all the orders and deliveries and installations.