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Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen improvement is a great investment. It is a personalized space that is occupied and used at all times of the day. You will garner the benefits every day cooking and eating.  It is also one of the features that really sell a house when you decide it is time.

We start with a design plan and review it with you to ascertain t is what you will be satisfied with at the end of the project. We want you to understand all phases of the operation including appliance placement, cabinets, etc.

Things to consider when planning a kitchen renovation:

  • Layout – different layouts affect the cost of the kitchen renovation (Ex. U-shape vs L-shape)
  • Overall flow and proximity – if the kitchen renovation is the only thing you are doing in your home you need to consider traffic flow, proximity to dining areas, etc.
  • Storage – using the space effectively and efficiently for you and your family is important
  • Material selections – different materials offer different solutions and need to be maintained in different ways