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Modern Ideas For Your Kitchen and Bathroom

If you have considered changing your kitchen look from something akin to the 20th Century, there are a lot of opportunities to make it a showcase.  You can still be trendy and stylish without going overboard.  With HighBridge you know that your work will be completed correctly and safely and you will have years of enjoyment ahead of you.

Dark and Bold

Dark hardware is a bold statement and can be completed with black faucets and showerheads.  Another popular resurgence is gold and brass hardware to set a gleam in the room.

Tile Patterns

Tiles for backsplashes don’t have to be set in perfect rows.  Patterns like chevron or hexagons are possible.  The tile can actually be the focal point of your room rather than just a necessary protection.  Our designers are always keeping tabs on the new and exciting changes available to homeowners.  Just call and we will be happy to discuss options.

High Tech

Kitchens and bathrooms take a lot of foot traffic.  Adding a built-in Bluetooth speaker can help in the kitchen or bath when hands are not always available to punch buttons.  There are voice-activated light systems that will help prevent stubbed toes in the dark or for homes with children too short to reach the light switch.  Touchless faucets means less spread of germs on the handles.  There are always new technologies available and we keep up with all of them.