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Setting Goals

When you start a project of this nature, begin with the goals.  You want more function, comfort or convenience.  How will your actions get to this place with the features you propose.


Daily living

Try to describe how you want to move from place to place or how things should be arranged for efficiency or comfort.  Write action statements like:  “I want to have enough counter space to have someone help me with the cooking.”  “I need more room for the children to play without bumping into each other.”  

When you have all those items listed, you can start working with a contractor to figure out the details of how to get what you want.  Establishing goals is important and there are some good ways to do it.

Use of space

Decide how you want to use the room.  Will it have multiple purposes like eating in plus some room for the kids to do homework or crafts?  Do you plan to add furniture?  How noisy will it be? 


When will the room be used?  Day or night?  Do the current windows give enough natural light for its purpose?  If additional lighting is needed, should it be general (like ceiling lights) or task oriented (a lamp on a desk or side table)? 

Traffic flow

How will the traffic patterns be laid out?  Does your new space account for moving from the other areas of the house?  Will a new door be in an awkward place? 

By establishing reasonable goals, you can narrow your focus and make the decisions easier.