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Wish Lists and Priorities

When planning a renovation, try to anticipate, as much as possible, what changes will happen in the next few years. 


With a solid list of goals, you can start figuring out how to get there.  This is probably the most fun.  It means developing a wish list.  You can also rank those wishes against the importance to the family and to the structural integrity of the home.  Budget is always a concern and it is a good idea to jot a rough estimate of the cost of each wish, or at least how much you feel you could allocate to it. 

This phase is also fun because you get to look at designs and products. 

  • Visit model homes. 
  • When you see friends, look around at how their rooms function and try to decide what suits your personality and style and what doesn’t.
  • Look online and magazines.  Collect pictures of rooms or products that would fit into your plan.
  • Drop into retail showrooms or specific sections at big box stores.  Speak with salespeople and collect brochures or other literature for reference.
  • Many communities offer home shows.  Check out the models and information booths.
  • Community colleges, community education, and night programs offer free or very low cost courses on decorating or design.