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Projects to expand your home other than a home addition

You really need more space in your home, but an addition to the structure is just not in the picture. There are ways to increase the usable floor space without adding to the existing HVAC energy costs and the effort of adding rooms. With the help of an expert general contractor in Ottawa such as Highbridge Construction, you can increase your space at home without investing in a home addition.

Ways to add space other than home additions.

Ottawa Basement and Attic

If there is enough headroom and the stairs are in place, converting basement or attic areas into rooms is one of the best ways to go. It won’t get you that extra space in the kitchen you are desperate for, but it can function as a family room, guest quarters, or home office.

Underutilized Spaces

That formal dining room was a great feature when you bought the house, but you really haven’t used it that much over time. You can turn that dining area into a tv or media room. A spare bedroom can double as a home office or play area for children. You can even turn a closet into a craft area.

Move Walls

Removing some interior walls can open a floor plan to create a great room from separate spaces. You may need to add some support beams to substitute for structural walls, and you will have to deal with ceilings and floors, but it will still cost less than a new room with foundation work, HVAC adjustments, and more real estate taxes.

Traffic Flow

Making it easier to move from room to the room could give you the extra square footage you need. Sometimes, it may be moving furniture, eliminating a closet (adding a coat rack in the corner), or relocating the heating and cooling duct. 

Contact Highbridge Construction!

There are many ideas that your general contractor in Ottawa will be able to provide. Contact Highbridge for an appointment to assess the current potential of your home and the most economical methods to achieve that extra space you need. Highbridge has the experience to provide you with a realistic evaluation of your home and how best to increase its potential. Call us today!