Reasons To Hire A General Contractor

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A major home renovation should have the expertise of professionals.  A general contractor will handle the design services, scheduling, supervision, materials, and clean up.  With this company or person in place you have a greater chance of a smooth remodel.

At HighBridge we are dedicated to home additions, basement renovations, major kitchen and bath remodels, and even a full home renovation.  Some of the reasons you should consider hiring us are:

Design Build

Design build is when a professional creates the outline and blueprints for the renovation.  With a single company doing both the design and construction, you have a single focal point for all communication.  It should help alleviate costly misunderstandings between the intent of the change and the construction crew.  It also gives you a single source for the specific expert you need including structural engineer, drafters, interior design, etc.  They will also facilitate the selection and ordering of the materials necessary to complete the remodel.

Proven Process

Our years of experience in the construction field have given us a unique advantage to be able to communicate among the homeowners, professionals, and workers so that a clear understanding is held by all concerned.  From the initial meeting through the contract phase and a final inspection, there are no surprises.  You know what the cost will be and when payments are due.

Project Management

Coordinating all the trades and deliveries is an art in itself.  A good project manager keeps on top of all the activities and provides the homeowner with regular updates.  As the client you have a single source to speak with and rely upon for good workmanship.

Approved Workers

Working with a contractor you know that the tradespeople working on your renovation are all skilled, licensed if necessary, and insured.  You won’t need to scurry around finding a plumber then a carpenter.  It is all handled by the contracting company who carefully screens their subcontractors and employees.


With HighBridge you are assured of the warranties on the workmanship and products.  You will receive documentation about the length and details of all warranties and guarantees.