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Refreshing Your Outdated Kitchen

If you are planning to stay in your current home for the foreseeable future, you should consider long term changes that can improve the safety and convenience as we age.  Bathrooms are probably the first think you think of with safety rails and easy access.  Don’t overlook what can be done in the kitchen to make it age or disability friendly:


Slips and falls are a danger to anyone of any age.  Vinyl, wood and linoleum are slip resistant and still easy to keep clean.  Cork floors are also slip resistant and are a comfort to arthritic feet.

Drawers vs. Shelves

Instead of reaching up and pull open heavy cabinet doors, drawers are easier to slide open and closed.  They are also closer to body height but still give adequate storage capacity.

Rounded Countertops

If you are going to replace your countertops anyway, choose those with rounded corners.  This gives the area a sleek look and less chance to bump and bruise.  In addition, they are child friendly.

Shallow Sink

With a more shallow sink, it won’t be necessary to lean too far to retrieve an item or lift heavy pots of water.  It also makes doing the dishes easier.


Installing under counter lighting brings the illumination closer to the countertops where you need it.  It will probably also add to the amount of available light in the kitchen.  When you do that, relocate any light switches and outlets to a convenient height to avoid overstretching or standing on tiptoes.