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Renovation or Addition Advantages

If your current home is not suiting your needs you have the choice of relocating to a new residence or remodel your current house.  Renovations or home additions in Ottawa can create a whole new atmosphere more conducive to your lifestyle and needs.  You can create a better traffic flow or efficient use of space, or increase the available room needed.  While it is an initial expense, it can provide many returns financially and in comfort.


Purchasing a new home means making compromises.  Making complete house renovation in Ottawa means making exactly the changes you want. You can add bedrooms or outdoor living spaces.  You can enlarge the kitchen or incorporate a whole new upper level.  At HighBridge we understand your need to have the right space for the right purposes for you.

You won’t need to move

No one likes to move.  It is a stressful event.  Think of all the packing and sorting and organizing.  Then you need to have your current home in good shape and perfectly clean for showing.  There will be realtor fees and closing costs. 

Instead, allocate all that money and effort into changing your current home into a better situation.  You get to stay in the same neighborhood with the convenience of knowing the best places to shop and eat.  Commute times won’t change and the children get to stay in the same school district with their friends.

Value Added

Home improvements mean adding financial value to your home, particularly when you decide to sell.  It will be more competitive in the market place and you will receive a good return on your renovation investment dollar.

Even small projects can result in improvements.  Simply repainting or upgrading faucets and other fixtures can make a vast improvement.