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Flood & Fire Restoration

Floods and fires can cause extensive damage to homes, leaving both the owner and insurance companies uncertain. However, Highbridge Construction is a one-stop solution for large loss projects and insurance restoration, both for the homeowner and the company. As home restoration Ottawa experts, we specialize in home renovations and restorations from floods, fires and other natural disasters.

Home REstoration Ottawa

Large loss is when natural disasters and fire affect your home to the extent that it might need a complete set of repairs. Highbridge Construction’s team comprises professionals specializing in large loss projects and every facet of reconstruction. We offer expert services for both individual reconstruction and insurance renovation projects.
Flood & Fire
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Restoration home Flood & Fire
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Highbridge Construction is the construction company of choice for many of the top insurance companies across the region, and there is a good reason for that. We work side-by-side with the adjuster and the property owner to help clients get back their lives, providing expert guidance and assurance through every step of the process for your home restoration in Ottawa.

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At Highbridge Construction, we understand that the priority is to provide temporary accommodations during their home restoration process. We help with designing, building, and project management as well as finding a place for your family to stay while their home is being built.

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