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Small Kitchen Solutions

With some creativity and imagination, a small kitchen can be make more convenient.


Use available space for unusually placed cabinetry like in corners.  There are designs that are specific to those awkward spaces that can go unused.  There are also trap-door styles that are inserted into the floor.  Adding cabinetry under islands or peninsulas give you more storage.  Add a tiered Lazy Susan to one of the existing cabinets.

Add shelves.  Sometimes the existing shelves are able to be adjusted for height.  In fact, you can see how multiple levels can increase your storage area. 

Cabinet doors can be outfitted with hooks or a thin shelf.  You can find some ready made items like shower hangers or caddies that are designed to fit the doors to hold cutting boards, knives, or supplies like plastic wrap.

Be stylish and creative at once. 

Look at some things you have in storage that might be adapted to the kitchen.  A baby changing table on rollers can be converted to use for items in various parts of the house like cleaning supplies, or it can be slipped into and out of a tall cabinet for access only when you want it. 

A detached dishwasher or one with wheels that you can use as a serving area nearer to the table.  It also makes loading easier and then just maneuver it to the sink for hookup.

Hang pots and pans over your range top or island, just like you see in the movies.  Keep utensils in a tall, open canister or on hooks.  They will be handier and free up drawer space.

More ideas

Only keep kitchen things in the kitchen.  Store hammers and screwdrivers with the tools.  Keep cleaning supplies in the laundry room.  Find a better place for your pet’s water bowl.

Look at your space in 3D.  You will be working with length, width and height.  Floors, ceilings and countertops are all available.