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Advice From Homeowners

At HighBridge Construction we have the experience to guide you through the decisions involved in upgrades and renovations

Our Design Take on Kitchen Renovations


Find a renovator or construction company that you are comfortable with.  Check all references and insurance.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions; that is how you get the best information.  Speak with previous clients.  Visit projects…those underway as well as the completed jobs.  Check out their stability.  You will want a company that you can return to if problems develop or if you want further work done.  Make sure that your personalities are in sync.  If you are having difficulty communicating, there will be ongoing problems. 


Determine exactly which services a company offers.  Many firms offer architects and design.  If you want to work with a designer of your own choice, don’t discount the fact that the contractor has experience working with many professionals.  They should be able to offer you alternatives to structural challenges. 


Insist on a detailed, written contract.  That way you will know exactly what is expected from each party and what it will cost. 


Know the scope of work before the first worker walks through the door.  Know who is doing what and how it will impact your daily activities.  Think about finding a temporary lodging.  Know who you should seek out if you have questions or concerns.  The more you know upfront, the better you will be able to deal with the mess. 

Stay Involved

It is your home and your project.  You want to be aware of what is happening.  Good communication is the key.  A good working relationship between you and the contractor will result in a better finished product.  The contractor should provide regular updates and be available to take your calls.  Allocate enough of your time to study the drawings and discuss any concerns with your renovator and ancillary professionals. 

There Will Be Problems

Nothing every goes completely according to plan.  There may be delays or products not available.  There can be problems hidden behind walls that were well beyond the scope of the original design and inspection.  Flexibility on everyone’s part will provide the best solution to a final remodel project. 

Plan Ahead on Finishing Touches

The homeowner gets to choose the cabinets, colors, tiles, fixtures, lighting and so many other details.  While this can be time consuming, it is the difference between reflecting your own personal taste and personality and having less than you want.  Start the selection process early because there may be delays in manufacturing or availability.  Keep a project board of all the final choices so that you can see how everything will work together.  Take advantage of your construction company’s expertise to find the best options. 

Plan on Extras

Try to allocate a reserve for unexpected extras.  It often happens that as the work progresses, the homeowners realize that for not much more, they can have upgrades like new appliances, or a higher grade of building materials. 


Asked about what impressed the homeowners, they responded that it was the small things.  For instance, keeping a clean work site by cleaning up at the end of each day and not leaving water bottles or lunch leftovers for the homeowner to dispose of.  Another way is the renovator spending the time to go shopping and comment on the selections as they relate to the overall project.

There Will be Mess

There is no possible way that there won’t be dust over everything and inconveniences.  Take heart in each day’s progress and look forward to the finished project.

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