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Consider the Needs of Your Home

Before moving forward with a remodel, start by looking at the current condition of your home

Consider the Needs of Your Home

Before moving forward with a remodel, start by looking at the current condition of your home.  By identifying any work that will need to be done either before a remodel or in addition to, you will be able to better budget for the changes you need.  It could be more economical to have the repairs made at the same time as you remodel your home. 

A complete house renovation in Ottawa generally occur in older homes.  If that is what you are dealing with, here are a few things to consider.

Wear and Tear

Just having lived in a home means that the paint may need to be refreshed or replaced with wallpaper.  A good carpet cleaning can bring back some of its structure and avoid replacement for a year or more.  Exterior cleaning and painting gives a nice curb appeal without a lot of expense.


Many items have limited lifespans, like water heaters and HVAC.  If some of these major items are coming to the end of their road, it is probably time to invest in new ones.


Over the years, with winters, hail, and other events, cracks may appear around the foundation.  The mortar holding together stone foundations can start to crumble.  Windows and doors will start to stick.  All of these things and more add up to some discomfort in the home.  The structure is one of the most critical elements to your house.  You should address them as soon as possible to avoid further and possibly irreparable damage.


Water leaking around plumbing fixtures will damage the surrounding flooring and can cause mold or mildew problems.  If water is becoming trapped in the walls or under the roofing, you will start to see problems in the ceilings or along the insides of the walls.  Not only does this give the house a musty smell, it can be dangerous to your health.


Depending on the last renovation, wiring may become outdated for today’s appliances and quantity of electronic devices.  This is another safety issue that should be addressed.  Plumbing is another area of concern.  The water pressure may be insufficient for the size of your family.  Older heating systems may be inadequate for comfort.  Then there are additions like a security system.

Energy Efficiency

Doubtless when your older home was built, concerns about energy consumption were different from today.  There are a lot of somewhat smaller changes that can be made like additional insulation and caulking.

Start with your own inspection.  Check the internet for lists of things to look for.  Using a critical eye you can find that may need some work to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. 

Talk with a professional contractor.  They should provide a detailed assessment of the problems they found and how it will impact the house, your budget, and ongoing expenses.  You could also contact a home inspector for a written report.  Just be sure to choose your professional wisely with an eye to licensure, training and insurance.