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Upgrades To Your Kitchen

The kitchen seems to be the place where everyone congregates.  It is the place for cooking, eating, entertaining, and so much more.  If you feel your kitchen could use a little upgrade, contact us at HighBridge and we will be happy to come over and see what you have and what you want to make it into.  We specialize in kitchen renovations and would like to offer some suggestions.


Adding an island will give the kitchen extra countertop area, storage and a focal point.  It can serve as an eating area or serving station for parties.  There are a lot of options in countertops, shelves and cabinets.  Add some seating and you are ready to go.


Countertops take a lot of service.  It is hard not to get them scratched from daily use or the occasional knife slip.  Spills can stain all too easily.  Upgrading the surfaces will give the kitchen a fresh, new look and improve the flow of work.  Granite and engineered quartz are probably the most popular choices.


Replacing all the cabinets in a kitchen can become expensive.  Instead think about a reface or refinishing.  Refacing is simply replacing the doors and drawers.  Refinishing is a fresh coat of paint or stain. 


Out of date light fixtures is one way to make your kitchen seem old fashioned.  Replacing the fixtures with fluorescent panels or stained glass will give your room pizzazz.  A ceiling fan with lighting attached will improve the usability of the room.  Better lighting will make the room more cheery and bright.


Replacing old appliances with modern, energy efficient ones will help you save utility costs and help the environment.  There are a number of styles and price ranges to choose from.  We will be happy to offer suggestions and dealers.