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What Do Restoration Contractors Do?

When a small issue develops like a clogged drain, or even something larger like a roof replacement, you probably have someone trusted that you call to make the fix.  However, if something unusual happens, who should you contact?

A restoration contractor has specific skills to deal with disaster-level issues.  HighBridge Construction has the ability to act as a restoration contractor or a contractor for complete house renovation in Ottawa, or both, depending on the nature of your issues.

What is a restoration contractor?

A restoration contractor works with repairing or replacing home or business rooms after a disaster and to prevent worsening of the situation.  A restoration contractor works with damage from water, fire, smoke, and storms.  They focus on the damage already experienced plus measures to take to prevent its recurrence, if possible.  They have specialized equipment like moisture meters and air movers to deal with the circumstances in each event.

Restoration contractors work with insurance companies

Because so much of their work revolves around disaster-related events, a restoration contractor works with insurance companies on a regular basis.  A general contractor, however, rarely deals with them.  So for a restoration project, the contractor will be able to work cooperatively with the insurer and understands the claims process and forms and how the payments are issued.  If you have a disaster, HighBridge can dispatch professionals to your home within two hours.  They will be able to assess the situation and report back to the insurer.

What happens during a restoration cleanup?

Initially the restoration team locates the source of the problem (like a broken pipe) and fixes it.  Then all the damaged material is removed.  This can be a small area, but most likely it will involve drywall, flooring, carpeting, furniture, wiring, etc.  The goal is to return the original appearance and to preserve as much of the original structure as possible.

After the cleaning is completed, the restoration contractor will proceed to restore the structure to its previous, safe condition.  They have the expertise to know how to complete the repairs based on the cause of the disaster.  They also use high-tech tools like moisture meters and infrared cameras to look for any remnants of the problem and to ensure there is no risk of mold or other structural problems.

A restoration contractor will repair the damage but also use the appropriate steps to assure it will not recur, if possible.