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Why you should hire a general contractor for your Ottawa project

A large home improvement project like a remodel or addition or converting a basement into a living space will require much work and decisions. Understanding the need to work with a professional is one of a homeowner’s best steps. An Ottawa general contractor will be able to help in many ways, from planning through final inspections.

A general contractor is a person or company that provides every service to complete your project successfully. That includes additions, remodels, and new construction.

Here are the top 10 advantages of hiring a general contractor.

Work crew 

The contractor will have access to a wide variety of subcontractors, specialists, and general workers. They know how to schedule each part of the project so that it runs as efficiently as possible.


The contractor will handle all the details like permits and inspection, ordering and tracking materials, and hiring the right specialists at the right time.


The company should carry general liability insurance so that the homeowner is not liable for any accidents that should occur and worker’s compensation for the employees.


Contractors usually are able to negotiate savings on materials and supplies and pass those savings on to you, which can be significant. They also have relationships with manufacturers and suppliers to assure delivery at the appropriate times.

Single contact 

Using a contractor means you only have one person to deal with. They should provide regular updates, and you are free to call or ask questions at any point.  


The contractor will help you define and refine your vision and explain how one change will affect other areas of the overall concept. They will rely on past experience to provide new ideas and solidify your dream.

Hire a General Contractor to Create Your Dream House

When you work with an experienced general contractor, you will develop a business relationship that will help you work through the project and help you understand any issues that may develop. Contact us to start your home project!